Intequa Corporation
In the timing of the movement of the world shifting towards a digital information society, Intequa has been promoting an appropriate IT system solution to customers based on specialized business system knowledge and a global network know-how developed by experienced engineers. In the environment of an ongoing high-speed broadband, we would like to take care of your IT environment such as Internet, Intranet and Extra-net to achieve maximum utilization and advantage.
Company Profile
Company name: Intequa Corporation
Established: July, 1996
Address: TOC Building,
7-22-17 NishiGotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
141-0031 Japan
E-Mail:  info @ 
Meet the Needs for a New Age!
IT innovation
Along with the new age coming amid calls for IT innovation, a System Engineer is required to be of a higher quality and have the best skills available. The speed of development has elevated practically without historical parallel. In that movement, Intequa keeps our eyes to the current movement and the importance of a global Network and Web system. Meanwhile we take advantage of that knowledge and offer the best solutions, which focus on the next generation information system.